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August 26, 2013
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| TDE || Rossifur APP sheet | by YollerZ | TDE || Rossifur APP sheet | by YollerZ


|| Information ||

[Name] : Rossifur - (( Raw - ss - EH - furr )) Named after a dead friend.

[Nickname] : Rosseph - (( Raw - ss - FF )) | Ross - (( Raw - SS ))

[Gender] : Male ♂

[Breed] : Chausie mix. / Javanese mix.

[Age] : 7 moons old

[Rank] : Student

[Orientation] : Straight... somewhat Asexual. Might change when ageing.

[Voice actor] : Joseph Gordon-Levitt


[Clan/Affiliation] : The Cause

[Join Date | Reason] : Cycle 2 Moon 1
Rossifur was brought close to The Cause border by accident. His father initially wanted him to be part of a clan, his father being a loner who's son desired a more exciting life. Because of his parental responsibilities, Rossifur's father could not join in along with his son, so he took him to the border and stayed under cover until someone found his son and brought him into the clan. A patrol from The Cause came upon the kitten and decided to take him in after tracing no signs of danger on the kit. He wasn't from the other clans nor was he a kittypet. They brought him into The Cause and he stayed there since then, not realizing the small mistake of his father.

|| Stats ||

- Hunting: 4 /25
- Endurance: 1 /25
- Battle: 1 /25
- Speed: 4 /25
- Tactics: 1 /25
- Cunning: 1 /25

[Points Total] : 12 pts
[Points Earned] : 0 pts
[Points Balance] : 0 pts

|| Personality ||

|| Cocky || Ross is mostly known for his cockiness. He's always so certain that his ways and ideas are the most efficient for the task at hand. And when he turns out to be right, oh boy.. his cockiness goes off the roof and leaves an awfully well defined smug look on his face. He doesn't waste a moment to remind everyone of how he was right and that they should take his words more seriously. On the other side, if he is proved wrong, he'll simply shrug it off and turn the humiliation into modesty on his part.

|| Narcissistic || This tom likes to follow his own ideals and holds them in high importance. Little to no one can change this tom's mind when he's settled on something. You either accept it or learn to live with it. Despite that, he'll listen to other cats' ideas and solutions, but if they differ to much from his initial thoughts, Ross will most likely abandon the subject and leave it as that. No need to quarrel over something he already knows he's right about.

|| Defiant || He's not all that obedient. I mean, he IS pretty obedient and will do whatever he was told by a higher rank, especially from a deputy or leader, but there are some conditions to follow. You must be male, otherwise, you're not worthy of giving out orders. His love and hate for females comes from here. He appreciate the work that females do around camp, but doesn't see them as more competent than the next tom. He will choose whether to listen to them or not to and that without any second thought or regret. He will challenge anyone that isn't, to his eyes, worthy of obeying.

|| Provocative || Rossifur LOVES to spice things up. He'll throw a few insults over his shoulder at another apprentice just to make their blood boil or just for the laughs. He likes to remind others of their mistakes and failures. It amuses him. And even though he does it mean spiritually, he doesn't really care about it. He doesn't care if an apprentice failed to catch a bird during a hunting session, oh but the fun there is to annoy the dung out of them~ Let's not call this provoking.. call this bullying. It's just for the show. When he's on one on one with a fellow apprentice, he's usually quiet. No point in angering them if there's no one to partake in it. Though it won't stop him from throwing a few insults once in a while.. just to be annoying.

|| Reluctantly nice || Well, here's the fun part. Despite all that you've read up there, Ross DOES have a soft side. It's just.. very.. well hidden and camouflaged under that evil face of his. Though he doesn't really like to show it, and when it happens, he'll try to mask it as pure pity or boredom. "You're boring to annoy, that's why." or "I said this just to shut you up, or else you would've scared all the prey away with all your whining." He gets really embarrassed when he's told of being nice, sweet or something like that. Like everyone, he feels guilt and hates it. The only way out is by saying sorry.

|| Humile || Yes, as strange as it sounds.. he's not really a bragger. He would brag only to annoy someone, otherwise, he's not that type. He's actually very humile and likes to keep things to himself. He likes to think that his work isn't any better than the others. That he's just doing what he was told and that's it. So when he's praised about something he's done, he feels awfully embarrassed and flustered. He'll avoid eye contact and try to evade the situation. He grows timid and tries to hide away. That sort of attention really makes him uncomfortable.

|| Extras ||

- Loves attention in any form. But since he's not the bragging type, he seeks attention in other ways, whether it being from nagging elders, bullying kits or apprentices around or even by boldly starting an argument with whoever he bumps into.. literally bumping into.
- He considers himself close to a warrior already and loves to hang out with older cats even though his still a kit. Probably for attention again.
- He secretly enjoys water despite the fact that he doesn't know how to swim.
- To him, females are weaker than males and shouldn't be allowed to fight nor be granted the rank of deputy or leader.
- He has a love hate with females.
- He's easily amused and hardly breaks into a fight despite his defiant nature. He prefers mental battles rather than physical ones.
- He has surprisingly sharp and long claws and sharp, long fangs. An heritage given by his half Chausie breed.
- He tends to be rough with kittens and other apprentices while training or playing fight.
- He's not really fond of his name, but after been told that he was named after a deceased friend, Rossifur decided to bare with it and simply pretend that it's a cool name. In all honesty, he would've preferred a more striking name.. like Stun, Strike.. or Awesome Striking Stingray.. of doom! ...
- He's oddly picky and won't eat anything that isn't fresh or good looking (won't eat a prey that was hidden in the dirt or roughly handled).

|| History ||

Told by Rossifur himself
| Prologue |
I'm not all so sure of what happened before I was born. All that I was told was that my parents used to live in a very far away land, with no two-legs or cities nearby. They were on their own.. with fellow tribe-mates of course. They were both from different tribes, but after a massive battle, my parents found comfort in each other. Ever since then, they formed a couple. They are such love birds, always reminding themselves of how much they love each other. It's a bit annoying, but I can't help being happy for them. I'm honestly glad that both of my parents remained together, and not separated either from death or not. I'm quite lucky actually. Anyway, they lived there every since they were babies and grew up together in the same land.

My dad was a very skilful warrior, who was training to become a guardian while my mother became leader of her own tribe. I don't want to sound rude.. but it sometimes strikes me as odd. My mother is very nice and quite the pacifist. My dad on the other paw is bold and strong and courageous.. HE should've been leader, no? Well, when I asked, he told me that he couldn't become leader because it wasn't really recommended for two leaders to be mates, especially since they wouldn't be able to have kittens together. So he chose to be supportive for my mother.

But really, it didn't matter much after because they both ran away together with a small group of cat. They told me that the land was ravaged by crocodiles and it was dangerous to stay there. The tribes refused to leave their land and decided to fight for their home, but my father was afraid for the sake of my mother who would've been the one to guide her Tribe into combat. It's ridiculous to think that cats could even win against huge crocodiles! They were smart enough to admit defeat and left the Tribes to handle their problems on their own. Of course, I'm saying it like that, but it was pretty hard for my mother and father to admit this defeat. They were leaving their friends and family behind.. They really needed serious guts to do that. I'm not sure of how they ran away, but they left and soon found themselves on their own. It was harsh to go from a large group of cat to a very small group consisting of maybe three or four cats. It was hard for my mother and father, but they held on. It was too late to turn back anyway. And eventually, they found a new place to stay. A safe place where my mother became pregnant. And this is where my story really starts.

In brief..
- Parents used to live in a far away land with no two-legs or cities nearby.
- They met during a battle between the tribes and fell in love.
- They became a couple after the battle was over.
- Father was a very skilful warrior and mother became the leader of her tribe.
- The father gave up on his dream to become a leader in order to stay united with his mate.
- The land was ravaged by reptiles; crocodiles.
- They both decided that it would be best for their future kits to leave the land behind and find a new place to live. Some place safer.
- They settled down close to the clans' territory where the mother became pregnant.

| Kitten |
I was born during a rainy day. My mother gave birth to me and my siblings underneath a huge oak tree. My father was the one that dug up the den with all his determination. He couldn't allow my mother and another queen with them to give birth out in the open, with no cover to hide them. The den was large enough for everyone and it was really cozy, I remember that. It was a litter of five healthy kittens, I wasn't the runt! I was probably the strongest in all of the litter.

My mother wasn't too fond of me at first. I think my father said that she was.. a little scared? I'm not sure why, but according to River, the other queen in the den with us, it was because I was born with a lot of my grandfather traits. Apparently, my mother didn't really like that tom. Oh well. She quickly grew to like me and she gave me as much love as she gave to my other siblings. Even young I liked to play fight and bother my litter-mates. I wasn't the favourite of my siblings, but at least they knew I could put up with a good fight. They always told on me though, which sometimes led me into trouble. It hurt to be judged as the evil one when really.. all that I wanted was someone to play with. They were just all a bunch of sissies.. Pff.. I grew a little distant with the rest of my siblings, taking some time to myself or spending that time with father or the other queen's kittens.

When I became six moons old, I started to venture further into the forest. I was so curious about everything around me. Like my parents, I wanted to explore the world and maybe join a tribe or something. I wanted some adventure! But father and mother always scolded me for going too far, always saying that it was dangerous and that I should stay close, where I could be watched and taken care of. But I wasn't a kitten any more, I was old enough to take my own decisions now. One night, I sat down with father and asked him if I could go out on my own and maybe meet other cats. My father was against the idea. He said how foolish it was and how worried mother would be. Still.. I was fed up with the life I had. He and mother left their home on their own, and they were still alive.. why couldn't he understand that he couldn't keep me in forever..

Then, dad woke me up in the middle of the night and told me that he wanted to show me something. I followed him, half asleep, half awake, and saw a very big clearing. There was a lot of nature beyond the cover of the brush. I could see rivers, trees and tall grass. I could see plenty of things that I've never really encountered before. I ran over to the river and bathed in it. Father joined me and we played together for long heartbeats.. before he stopped and spoke to me. He said he would only let me leave under one condition.. And that was for me to join a clan. At first, he caught me off guard. A clan? What clan? But father told me that he met a few cats here, who curiously belonged in a clan. They thought he was a trespasser, but when he told them he was simply a loner, they didn't really fought him off. They told him about clan life and how they survived with the help of one another. My father was temped to join, but he wanted to make sure that the rest of the family would be accepted. Unfortunately.. there wasn't enough space for everyone. There was just.. a few free spot for a young cats. My eyes lit up, I knew where he was going.

In brief..
- She gave birth to five healthy kittens under a huge oak tree.
- The mother was scared of Rossifur's appearance at first, the kit reminding her of a tomcat she highly despised before.
- She quickly grew to love him along with his sisters and brother.
- Rossifur's siblings didn't really like him for his rough play and constant nagging(bullying).
- Because of that, the kit spent most of his time with his father and other den-mates.
- When he was six moons old, Rossifur began to venture further into the territories, making both of his parents very worried.
- He asked his father if he could leave the family's den, but his father refused to let him go.
- The father took Rossifur out and into the wild, showing him the world where they were living in.
- He told him about a group of cats he met not long ago, informing him of present clans among the territories.
- The father seems to apprehend the idea of letting his son join one of those clans.

| Apprentice |
My father had an idea. He was to leave me at the border of a clan and hide away to wait for some cat to find me. Surely, they wouldn't leave a young cat in the middle of no where.. right? I wasn't all so sure about my father's idea.. w-what if they decided to take me down? Why if they thought I was a spy or something. But my father assured me that everything was going to be okay, so I stood there.. waiting. And after while, he was right, some cat showed up.

I was found by a small group of cats; two adults and one younger. They were surprised by my presence there and asked me from where I was. I.. I was too nervous to speak, so I just stood there, nervously looking behind my back. One of the adults smelled me and confirmed that I wasn't from any other clan. All of this sounded so.. surreal to me. They started to converse with each other, wondering what they should do with me. One said to leave me there, that I was probably a kittypet who wandered too far from home, but the other refused since I didn't even smell like one to begin with. Eventually, they decided to take me with them. I looked over my shoulder to see my father.. I didn't see him, but.. I could sense him. For a brief moment, I was struck by sadness..

In brief..
- His father took him to the border of a clan and left his son there while he hid into the brush.
- Rossifur was spotted by a small group of cats.
- After they discussed, the group decides to take Rossifur in instead of leaving him behind.
- Rossifur takes one last glance over his shoulder, but fails to see his father watching him from the brush.
- He wonders if it was really what he wanted..

|| Family ||

[Father] : Warrun, a solid ginger Chausie mix.
[Mother] : Vitani, a pale tan Javanese mix.

[Siblings] : Belly, Zuzu, Ajay and Damie

[Mate] : BLAH, EW, NOPE!
[Kit(s)] : ...

|| Relationship ||

:bulletorange: = Mentor
:bulletpurple: = Family

:bulletblack: = Uncertainty | :bulletblack::bulletblack: = Discomfort
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance | :bulletblue::bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend | :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: = Best friend
:bulletyellow: = Attraction | :bulletyellow::bulletyellow: = Crush
:bulletpink: = Love | :bulletpink::bulletpink: = Mate
:bulletred: = Dislike | :bulletred::bulletred: = Despise
:bulletwhite: = FEAR


|| RP Example ||

/Rp from City-of-Sundown with Paige and Erskine/

Paige halted right before exiting the other end of the alleyway, the road just ahead. But before stepping out, she swung her head around, her bangs swaying over her eyes as she responded to his own answer.

Good response,” she murmured, taking her copper eyes off the tom to sweep the road of any unwelcoming presence. Luckily, with the strength of the sun, it was nearly impossible for any infected cats to have made it out there. Yet again, we could never be too sure.

It can’t be worse than here... It just can’t,” she meowed, her voice glinting with grief. Not too long ago, just a few days after she returned, Paige discovered with horror that Asher, one of her closest friends, had recently gone missing.. perhaps victim of the white eyes. Asher was simply given a task.. a mere task and was probably caught off guard by one of those monsters. As hard as it was to accept, Asher was probably dead. But she couldn't help wonder.. had he gone missing because of her? Was he searching for her or for Damian when tragedy stroke?

OUCH--FAK!” Paige suddenly hissed, her pads burning against the hot concrete. She immediately backed away, scratching the idea of padding along the road.

There’s no way we’re going to walk on that road. It’s boiling hot... let’s just go along the streets. We’ll just have to run for it whenever we need to cross a corner-- now that I think of that--” she paused to look at him. Her eyes dancing over his sturdy form.

You’re completely black. Are you going to be all right? I don’t wanna have to carry you all the way back in case you collapse under the heat or suffocate in that fluffiness of yours. I don’t even think I could possibly carry you,” she cracked a smile, somewhat amused by the thought.

Rossifur/Artwork © Ellie (me)
#The-Dawn-Eclipse © =Elesette

Program used: Tablet (Bamboo), SAI
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